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Reasons for hiring Sandi Schroeder to compile your index

  • Sandi has over 40 years of experience as a professional indexer.
  • Sandi uses CINDEX™, one of the most popular indexing software programs. CINDEX™ has released a new version that helps the indexer stay on top of the game. Sandi originally used index cards and then hired a programmer to develop specialized programs. She switched to CINDEX™ when she realized that these programs offered superiority. CINDEX™ even offers the capability to take an older index and convert it back to CINDEX™.
  • Sandi will recognize when a single index versus multiple indexes are better. A book can have a single index versus a subject/name, subject/ case, subject/ name/company indexes.
  • Sandi has the knowledge of information retrieval. Use of electronic proofs enables an indexer to search for all instances of a concept.
  • Sandi has the ability to meet deadlines to allow the author time for reading and finalizing proofs.
  • Sandi has the ability to fit the index into the space allowed. Sandi will know when the index must be run-on in order to fit. She will know when boldface or italics are needed and when tables, figures, or boxes need to be called out for the reader.
  • While the author is the expert on the subject, Sandi can approach the topic from the viewpoint of the reader who is not as knowledgeable on the subject.
  • Sandi will recognize synonyms and has the experience to know whether double posting versus cross references are needed. She will know whether abbreviations should open the entry or be at the end in parenthesis.
  • Sandi understands the styles of many publishers.
  • Sandi has the ability to note discrepancies when multiple authors have worked on a project and can advise the author and editor on dealing with these in the index.
  • Sandi knows how to work with reflow when an illustration has to be moved.
  • Sandi has the ability to make entries parallel.
  • Sandi recognizes the proper length of an index for the size of the text:
    • 3 to 5 percent for a general nonfiction text.
    • 5 to 8 percent for a history or bibliography.
    • 15 to 20 percent for a reference book.
  • Sandi has the knowledge gained from having compiled many indexes which can only be gained from experience and repeat projects.

Schroeder Indexing Services, Inc. specializes in creating the perfect index for every project we receive. Since starting with a wide range of editorial services in 1972, Schroeder Indexing Services has developed a reputation as one of America's premier indexers. While Schroeder Indexing is a highly computerized operation, using PC equipment and CINDEX™, a dedicated indexing software package, all indexing is human controlled. A computer can perform the mechanical tasks of index production, but not the creative and intellectual aspects that make a superior index. Quality control, fast, reliable turnaround, and skilled editing are the most important guidelines in producing a superior index. If a deadline is accepted, a quality index will be delivered before your deadline. Many clients are repeat clients.

Schroeder Indexing is a member of the American Society for Indexing